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We Help You Get Your Schedule Jam-Packed with Qualified Patients Who NEED Your Services... (and have no problem affording your premium prices).
Justine Williams, DPT
"Within just 2 weeks, we gained 3 new patients, which is amazing!"
About Us
Optimize Media Agency was created to provide Healthcare business owners with the best solutions in order to generate more patients every month⁣.
⁣We partner with our clients to strategize and execute their business goals through ROI-Driven (return on investment) digital marketing and lead generation.

We see ourselves more as a P2P, People to People business, with the intentions of serving others in order to give our clients the platform to provide the best service they can.
Facebook Ads
Get your business in front hundreds and thousands of your ideal customers 24/7 and display the services you have to offer.
Sales Funnels
Implement the proper funnel to bring in leads to contact and have them enter your business as a result.
Email Marketing
We will implement our trained copywriting skills to produce engaging emails to promote your offers and add another stream of revenue.
Sales & Marketing Consulting
We're not just going to send you leads and say "good luck"... We offer weekly strategy sessions which consist of how to properly bring in the leads that come in and any other request you would like to cover to make sure you continue to get excellent service!
Customer Database
You will receive a sales database of new leads that come in. That way, you can conveniently track the sales cycle of a patient from initial contact to signing up for your services.
TV Brand Recognition
Represent your business as the authority in your industry you strongly possess. We create engaging content for you to interact with your following.
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